Maintenance Packages
Our maintenance packages are targeted towards businesses and people who use 3D printers for production. We understand the importance of up-time and that is why we provide custom tailored packages to minimize down-time and costs.
Simply put, printers that are not printing are not making money !! 
We provide three different maintenance packages:
Class C 
Our Class C package includes a locked price per visit maintenance agreement with a less than 72-hour visit guarantee. This means that no matter the problem, the cost will always be the same. We also guarantee that a technician will be at your location within 72 hours.
Class B
Our Class B package includes a locked price monthly maintenance agreement. This means that, every month on a predefined day our technicians will run an intensive maintenance routine on the machines that the client owns. This will help identify issues before they manifest into problems, ensuring problems are caught early and costs are kept to a minimum.
Class A
Our Class A package includes both benefits of Class B and C, furthermore under Class A we can guarantee a less than 48 hour visitation. 
All maintenance contracts have a minimum duration of six months.
All maintenance contracts cover the costs of labor only, spare parts and consumables are not covered and will be charged as required.
Class X
Class X is a special warranty program where we can provide a warranty service for any brand of 3D Printer, this covers both labor and spare parts and will guarantee the highest uptime for your machines. Prior collaboration with the machine/owner is a prerequisite. 
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