Angry IP Scanner Guide

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

Lets get started, first you'll need to download and install Angry IP

If you not sure which version to get 32 or 64 just get the 32/16 installer it will choose automatically.

  1. Open Angry IP

  2. At the top where it says IP range you have to modify it with your pool if you know your pool go ahead and enter it and skip to step 10 if not then follow on

  3. Push Windows logo key + R on keyboard

  4. Enter cmd in the box that opens and push enter

  5. In the command prompt window that opens type in ipconfig and press enter

  6. You will get a short report, scroll till you find a field where it says IPv4 address

  7. I.E. my value is

  8. The value you need is in the 3rd section in my case the 0

  9. Go back to angry IP and only modify that 3rd value to the one you found above for both the start and end fields

  10. Now push start

  11. Wait a few moments until it finishes and close the popup

  12. Scroll through the list until you find an IP with a hostname local.Octopi

  13. If you cannot find it try switching the pi off and then back on if that doesn’t work remove the card, connect it to the pc and check the network configuration file is correct, if that doesn’t work try writing the image to the Card again as there are some instances where this happens (I’ve personally have had this happen to me twice in a row in the past don’t forget to change the settings for network after rewriting the image

  14. Note the IP of the Octopi and close Angry IP

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