The Most Advanced Desktop 3D Printer


Impressive Body Design

Cubicon's Single Plus is a modern and classic 3D printer. With touch LED, simple and intuitive UI design allows users easier and more convenient use of this 3D printer. The printer is available in two colors, metallic dark gray and milky white.


UX(User Experience Design)

Simple and intuitive plat UI design by excluding the complex elements


In-house designed module type extruder and nozzle kit

The nozzle kit can be easily replaced without detaching the extruder module. It provides a lower cost of maintenance with an easy task.


Advanced auto leveling plus function

Auto level plus is hyvision unique feature. It operates a precise measurement of the beating bed height automatically. It make outputs high-quality by controlling the distance between nozzle and bed to the best condition. Special coated heating bed shall print out without an additional adhesive or masking tape tasks manually on it in particular.


Assurence output stability via enclosed structure and air convection function

Enclosed structure and air convection circulation function keep up temperatures of bed, the nozzle temperature and inside the convection constantly.


The filament detection sensor

It prevents output failures casued by exhaustion of filaments or cutting of filament during printing. It helps user to check and solve the problem whenever filament did not more supply into the extruder by the detection sensor of filament exsistence. In other words, via the ‘pause mode’ with printing, progress of printing can continue after filaments replaced.


3 Functional clean filter removes nano-particulates and odors excellently

3 functional clean filter provides more safe and comfortable printing environment away from dust, gases and odors generated while print out with FFF 3D Printer.
HEPA filter = 0.3um micro dust 99.97% dust collection effect
Carbon filter = filtering function for toxic gas
Purafil catalysts = filtering function for organic compounds


Touch LCD & USB memory

4.3 inch touch LCD and USB memory shall make user far more convenient. Touch LCD shall be easy to use all functions are intuitive graphic user interface for every user. Also in order to improve and increase the convenience, USB memory is applied instead of SD card, internal memory is embedded.


The customer experience improvement by low noise level printing

During 3D printer operates with motors, belt, and so on, Noises are inevitable. But Cubicon single plus was improved with noises, after all it is suitable not only for public office but also personal use by low noise level.


Product size

W554 x D579 x H524 mm

Product weight


Packaging box

W640 x D630 x H610 mm

Packaged weight


Ambient operating temperature

15 ~ 35 °C

Storage temperature

0 ~ 35 °C

Power supply

Free Volt 100~240V, 50/60 Hz, 7.2A ~ 3.6A

Power consumption

Max 600W

Memory and communication

USB(FAT32), UBS-A type

Supplied slicing software

Cubicreator v3.6, Cubicreator v4.0

Input 3D Design File Format

.stl, .obj

Supported OS

Windows 7+ (64bit)

Printing technology

FFF type (Fused Filament Fabrication type)

Printed object size

W240 x D190 x H200 mm

Layer height setting

100 ~ 300um

Printing speed

Max 500mm/sec

Filament diameter


Filament type

ABS, ABS-A100, PLA-PLUS, PLA-i21, PETG, TPU(Flexible)

Position precision

XY : 6.25um / Z : 1.25um

Nozzle diameter


Nozzle temperature

Max 260 °C

Heating bed temperature

Max 120 °C




4.3 inch Touch screen

Cubicon Single Plus Preorder Delivery 7-14 Days