AESUB Orange 400ml Vanishing Longer

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Brand: AESUB


AESUB orange is a long-lasting self-volatilizing scanning spray developed by scanning experts. It eliminates basic application problems of 3D metrology, especially in sensitive areas (laboratories, production, etc.) and protects the equipment from contamination by deposition of pigments. Expensive transports of externally matted measuring objects to the sensor as well as the time-consuming cleaning of the measuring environment and objects after scanning are no longer necessary. With AESUB orange, you achieve a significant increase in efficiency and productivity in the entire digitization process.

How to apply AESUB orange?


Apply AESUB orange from a distance of 15-20 cm. Spray the complete surface to be scanned. Operate the spray head and slowly move the spray can back and forth evenly, with the nozzle pointed at the object, to obtain an even coating. Avoid “wagging” the can.


After complete drying of AESUB orange, the object can be scanned as usual.


The applied layer of AESUB orange evaporates independently after scanning. The otherwise time-consuming cleaning after application is no longer necessary.