Biqu H2 Direct Drive Dual Gear Metal Extruder V2.0

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Brand: BIQU

Retaining the Advantages of Short-range Extrusion

H2 V2.0 direct extruder has more accurate control of the feed rate and more accurate withdrawal than remote extrusion; the torque requirement of the extrusion stepping motor is relatively lower.

Stainless Steel Multi-gear Transmission

The H2 V2.0 extruder upgraded to stainless steel gears to effectively solve the problem of running stuck. It achieves a torque transmission ratio of 7:1 through multi-gear transmission, and an ultra-high torque of 770mN.m achieves greater performance.

High Quality Titanium Copper Alloy Pipe

H2 V2.0 uses high-quality titanium-copper alloy throat pipes, which have better heat dissipation and high temperature resistance, and the printing temperature can be as high as 400°C. The smoothness of the inner wall of the throat and nozzle reaches Ra0.4, which can effectively prevent clogging.

Unique Cooling Sytem

The heatsink structure on H2 extruder is optimized to ensure airflow is diverted up and away from the nozzle accelerating heat dissipation. In addition, the improved H2 can realize quick disassembly of the throat, which is more convenient to use.

Quality & Performance Upgrade

The upgraded H2 V2.0 extruder still weighs only 211g, which effectively overcomes the shortcomings of the heavier nozzle of the short-stroke extruder, and is especially suitable for dual-nozzle printers. And the heating block is replaced with the aluminum alloy heating block developed by BIQU.