Prima Creator 3D Printer Lubrication Oil

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Brand: Prima Creator

PrimaCreator 3D Printer Lubrication Oil

To get the best performance, accuracy and service life out of your 3D-Printer it's important to keep it well lubricated.

There's a lot of moving parts in a 3D-Printer, which means that there's a lot potential for excessive friction to occur. With high friction comes high strain on your machine. The motors will need to work harder, and things wont move as smooth as you'd like them too. In the worst case, friction can even lead to unnecessary wear and even breakdowns.

To avoid unnecessary friction it's important that you keep the moving parts clean, and their surfaces well lubricated. Rods, screws and bearings in particular should always be well looked after to ensure smooth operation.

The ensure the best possible performance, we have selected a premium quality oil specifically designed to meet the requirements for accuracy and equipment protection of precision machines. With a unique additive package it provides exceptional frictional properties on a wide variety of way materials, including steel on steel and steel on polymer. This allows smooth, uniform motion at design travel speeds enhancing machine productivity and accuracy helping to prolong service life and enhance surface finish.


  • Controlled Frictional Characteristics - Helps eliminate stick slip and allows consistently accurate movements.
  • Multi-material Capabilities - Suitable for a wide range of way material combinations
  • Adhesiveness - Prevents removal of lubricant from critical surfaces
  • Long Term Rust and Corrosion Protection - Helps reduce the deterioration of sliding surfaces