PrimaCreator Air Tight Filament Storage Set

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Brand: Prima Creator

PrimaCreator Air Tight Filament Storage Set.

Sealing your filament spools in a vacuum sealed bag is a great way to protect them. The bags stops dirt, dust and most importantly - moisture for getting to your filament.
Keeping your filament sealed and dry is the best way to protect it and preserve it's properties. This is especially true for hygroscopic filaments such as Nylon (PA), PETG and PVA.

By properly storing your filaments sealed and dry will help prolong their shelf life, and make sure the quality of your prints are always as good as possible.

Easy to use:

The storage kit is very easy to use. Put your filament spool in a vacuum bag, add a silica gel bag and a humidity indicator, seal the bag and use the pump to empty out the air. Keep the air valve against a flat surface to help keep a tight seal with the pump. The valve is self sealing for easier use.

Make sure to position the humidity indicator so that you can keep an eye on it. As long as the dots on the indicator stays brown, your filament is safe and dry. If the indicator starts turning blue, there could be moisture in the bag, and you should repack the spool with a new silica gel bag.

The vacuum bags are re-sealable, and can be reused.

Each set contains:

  • 1x Vacuum Pump
  • 10x Vacuum Bags - 350 x 310 mm (Suitable for most 1 kg filament spools)
  • 15x Humidity Indicators
  • 15x Silica Gel Bags.

Additional vacuum bags, humidity indicators and silica gel bags can be bought separately.