Real Filament PVA Neutral 1.75mm 0.5Kg

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Brand: Real Filament
Color: Neutral
Weight: 0.5Kg
Diameter: 1.75mm
Material: PVA

Product description

PVA filament Neutral 1.75 mm 500 g is a superior quality filament produced in The Netherlands. Real filaments guarantees that PVA is high-quality, diameter-accurate filament, resulting in the best 3D printing experience. PVA is soluble in warm water and prints roughly at the same temperature as PLA, making it a great material as support of your 3D print. With a dual head 3D printer, you can setup your favorite slicing software to print a part of the model in PVA and remove it later.

You can print PVA at max. 225 degrees, in any 3D printer. The heated bed is optional with 3DLac, but recommended. Depending on your settings, sufficient bonding with other materials may take a few attempts to get right. For more advanced versions check out the PVA plus and PVA Pro, which bond better to other materials. PVA is a very hygroscopic material, so it will absorb moisture pretty quickly. Keep sealed at room temperature when not in use to extend shelf-life as much as possible.


GTIN 8719345000096
Filament properties
Diameter tolerance 0.05 mm
Material PVA
Variant PVA
Diameter 1.75 mm
Weight filament 500 g
Color Neutral
Specialty Water soluble
Printing properties
Temperature - extruder 210 °C