3D Printing Services
Got a design you need printed but don't own a machine ?
No worries, at Fission 3D we have our very own printing farm from which we can rent out time for your projects. We supply the machine, the materials, and the expertise. All you need to do is provide us with the model. We will assess it, choose a suitable process and material, print it, post process and ship it to your door. 3D printing was never easier !!
All charges are hourly.
For regular PLA based filaments                        3 euro/hour
For exotic PLA based filaments                          4 euro/hour
For regular ABS and PETG based filaments      4 euro/hour
For exotic ABS and PETG based filaments        5 euro/hour
For regular PA Nylon based Filaments              6 euro/hour
For regular TPU Flex based Filaments              6 euro/hour
All prices are inclusive of 19% VAT.
All prices include the materials required.
Post processing can be arranged, i.e. sanding, vapor smoothing ... 
Additions can also be requested, i.e. injecting threaded inserts or nuts, coloring ... 
The minimum charge is 3 hours for any of the materials.
If the times are long, discounted rates can be applied.
Need a material or process that isn't listed  ?  Contact us, we won't let you down. 
We love education and support students with a 10% discount on their projects with presentation of a valid student ID. 
Contact us to receive a free Quote. You will need to provide a link to the file you need printed. We recommend uploading the file on a cloud server of your choice.. Alternatively if the size permits you can send it to us via email to info@fission3d.com