Product Design and Prototyping
Got an idea for a part or products ? Don't have the know how converting it into reality ?
We are here to help. 
Our product design and prototyping package is an all-inclusive service from idea to product.
The collaboration begins with a meeting where you have the opportunity to explain your idea and provide any data or drawings if available.
Based on the meeting we will first draw up a computer model of your idea, and then 3D print a prototype.
We can then reiterate as many times as necessary, until you get your true vision into a reality. 
It is particularly important to be noted that, we will claim no ownership on any of the designs we produce, your ideas are your property.
All source files will be provided upon completion.
To arrange a meeting or for more information contact us at
We also provide an Entrepreneurial Assistance Package if you want to convert your idea into a business, for more information follow this link.